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Hustler: The B-58 Bomber

Hustler: The B-58 Bomber

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Emerging from a Cold War requirement for an aircraft capable of striking targets deep behind the Iron Curtain, the Convair B-58 Hustler was the world's first bomber capable of sustained Mach 2 flight. Production is ongoing, but this comprehensive DVD overview of the Hustler program will contain almost four hours of content, including the following highlights:

  • Color film coverage of the first two flights in the B-58 program, plus footage of Maj. Gen. Albert Boyd flying the Hustler in January 1957
  • Footage of Air-Launched Ballistic Missile launches from an airborne Hustler platform
  • A short film highlighting the USAF B-58 crew that successfully won the Blériot Trophy in 1961
  • A USAF-produced introduction to the B-58 program
  • "Airplane Number 31," a USAF film featuring the first tactical Hustler to enter service
  • Coverage of the B-58's low-altitude bombing capability
  • Footage of the first flight of the TB-58 trainer version of the bomber
  • Extensive 1960 footage of a Hustler tire failure and subsequent emergency landing
  • A 1956 USAF progress report on B-58 production and testing
  • Footage of Hustler testing at Wright-Patterson AFB during 1957 and Kirtland AFB testing in 1959
  • "Champion of Champions," a USAF-produced film on the B-58's Bendix, Blériot, Thompson, McKay, and Harmon trophy wins, hosted by Brigadier General Jimmy Stewart, USAF (Retired)
  • Detailed coverage of the Bendix Trophy campaign
  • A special "Modeler's Notes" audio track

Running time approximately 235 minutes, NTSC, encoded for all regions. All footage courtesy NARA and USAF. Compilation ©2009, This DVD contains both silent and sound film elements.