We’re a brand new model company, but we’ve been serving the needs of hobbyists since 2004!  Our sister company, rocket.aero (that’s pronounced “rocket dot aero”) produces scale data DVDs covering a variety of aviation and rocketry subjects.  A new rocket.aero DVD, “The V-2 in America,” will be included with every Spacemonkey Models V-2 kit!  To learn more, visit the rocket.aero website.

Shipments of the Spacemonkey Models 1/24 scale V-2 kit have begun! If you've been building models as long as we have, chances are that you have a long list of subjects
that you'd like to build, if only some hobby company would produce a kit. We have a list like that, and we finally got tired of waiting for our dream kits to be manufactured by some distant, anonymous firm. So, we created our own model company, Spacemonkey Models!

After a decade of dreaming and planning, followed by two solid years of design work, we're finally ready to unveil our first model kit: a 1/24 scale version of the V-2 rocket, the world's first ballistic missile.
Our V-2 kit is a unique hybrid of injection-molded and blow-molded components, and is designed for both easy assembly and museum-grade accuracy.  We’re model builders, too, and we’re thrilled to bring you this groundbreaking replica of one of the most historically significant aerospace projects of all time.


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Last update: 3/17/2011

V-2 #57, Blossom IV-E mission, White Sands, NM, March 9, 1951.  This flight was unsuccessful, only reaching a maximum altitude of 3.1 km.

V-2 TF-1, White Sands, NM, August 22, 1951.  TF-1 reached a maximum altitude of 213 km.